DePlano takes its roots from the need to improve both welfare and performances of horses. I have been practicing farriery for more than 30 years, having the chance to work with horses in every field of equestrian sports; experience taught me that it is extremely important to study and develop specific tools made out of the best materials in order to improve and preserve horse’s limbs and body structure in general throughout time.

Here is how DePlano products were born.

During these years, our research for high-standard materials enabled us to create fine quality products always taking advantage of the centennial Italian tradition in tannery.

Therefore, we selected for our hoof pads a superior-quality leather tanned with natural products capable of high-performances.

Based on individual needs, we also produce pads with high-quality polyurethane materials that help absorbing and amortizing the micro trauma our horses are constantly exposed to.

Last but not least, our range is completed by aluminum hoof pads, non-deformable and extremely shock resistant.

Our synthetic pads are the result of an accurate and in-depth research for new-generation materials. These products are highly resistant, anti-shock and have a high amortizing power with no mechanical memory.

The aluminum used for our products represents the best union between resistance and lightness, granting optimal protection for the sole.

Our leather is treated according to an ancient traditional method. All of the compounds used are plant based, strictly avoiding synthetic fats and adulterants.

The tanning process involves only tannins extracted by the bark of trees and exsiccated by air in driers. These treatments give our hoof pads exclusive characteristics, allowing the hoof to breathe and maximum comfort.